Today, buildings are responsible for 33% of global energy-related CO2 emissions. Coturnix models the behavior of buildings based on sensor and weather data, and uses these models to predict and minimize energy consumption. Our primary optimization lever is a smarter scheduling of energy use.

Use cases

Realize your energy performance contracts

Coturnix can predict the energy consumption of residential and commercial buildings with high precision. It is based on a unique modeling algorithm, which does not require any human intervention. After a model is made, our scheduling algorithms figure out, in real time, the best energy flow strategy.

Minimize the cost of energy efficiency

Usually, energy efficiency requires high investments But Coturnix changes the energy operational rules and requires little additional data.

Monitor energy use

Since gains are enhanced over time, what counts after all is not to see what happened in the past but to anticipate energy requirements for the future. Coturnix is thus unique : it allows users and managers to follow­up all decision it takes while executing its own energy flow strategy.

Master carbon emissions

We all know that our lifestyles choices affect our environment. Therefore, companies must be able to control their own impact by simulating and applying the best real­time energy consumption, mixing and using strategy for their buildings.